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Popular charger model

24V2A charger 36V2A charger 48V2A charger 60V2A charger 72V2A charger
24V3A charger 36V3A charger 48V3A charger 60V3A charger 72V3A charger
24V5A charger 36V5A charger 48V5A charger 60V5A charger 72V5A charger
24V10A charger 36V10A charger 48V10A charger 60V10A charger 72V10A charger
We can provide all kinds of Lithium ion battery charger, LFP battery charger, lead acid battery charger. these chargers widely used in electric bike,electric scooter, electric motorcycle, electric boat, electric vehicle etc, popular model are 36V2A,36V3A,48V3A,48V5A,60V3A,72V3A,72V5A etc. our charger have sales in Finland,Denmark,Belgium,Spain,France,Italy,Germany,Netherlands,Norway,Canada,USA,Australia,Mexicanos,Panama, Japan,India,Korea etc.

We also can provide OEM service, we can produce charger according to customer requirement. All charger passed CE certificate.

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